Remove breathing from audio, within 2 clicks.

Even if your mic catches breath after every few seconds, or you feel like podcasting on a cold morning or while running - just keep going. Mute heavy breathing using AI. Without any effort.


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Remove Heavy Breath

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Remove Heavy Breathing

Bought an expensive mic and noise gate, or set them at the right angle, or even practiced your speech?

But still your audio has heavy breath sounds?

Now, remove breathing noise from your audio automatically. Without suppressing your sound.  

Remove Breathing from Audio

Filter Sighs vs. Breaths

Not all breath sounds irritate.

Some express emotions. And removing them makes your speech rushed, right?

So, whether you sigh out of relief, cough to take a pause, or huff to dismay, keep them all in your recording.

Cleanvoice's AI only removes unwanted and heavy breathing from your audio.  

Detect Sighs from Audio

How It Works

Upload your audio file

Sit back and let AI do the magic

Download or export breathing-free files

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