Remove all uhhhh's in your recording

Our AI automatically detects and removes filler sounds like "uh" and "ah". Upload your recording and you can get clean audio in just few a minutes.

Check for an email from Gumroad. There you'll find the license key!

Purchase successful.

Accepted file type: wav and mp3 only. Max 400 MB

How it works


This is uhhhhh a demo of our ummm cleanvoice technology.


This is a demo of our cleanvoice technology.


Get License Key

Purchase a Key in order to use our service



Upload your raw recorded speech.


Wait few minutes

We remove the filler sounds from your audio.



Download your clean voice recording.

Features and Roadmap


Multilingual Filler Sounds

Detect and remove sounds such as "ah", "uh" and "um" in any language.


Mouth Sounds

Remove teeth and lip smacking sounds in your recording

ETA Mid-July


Detect and fix things like "th-th-this", "bec-because".



Fix rephrased mid-sentence speach such as "I think-I believe that".

ETA Mid-July

Multi-Track Support

Upload multiple audio tracks and sync the audio editing


Export Timestamp

Export the audio edits into your audio editor Ex. Audacity, Audition


We are completely changing our system over the week. Until we are done with the changes, you can enjoy Cleanvoice AI for free!

Free Key
For using Cleanvoice AI with ten of your files.

Questions & Answers

  • To use our service, you have to purchase a license key. In the future, we will make it easier to use our service.

  • We use to deal with our Billing, check for a email from Gumroad.

  • Currently it takes around 10 minutes per 1 hour of audio. So if you have a recording, which is 30 minutes, then it will take 5 minutes to processes it.

  • If we find no filler sounds, then your license will not be charged.

  • This is a common problem we are struggling with Gmail, check your SPAM folder.