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Cleanvoice can remove your long silence pauses from your podcast or audio recording.

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AI Deadair Remover

Deadair = silence that's too long. Keeping Deadair short, helps you make your podcast more engaging.

Our Deadair Remover identifies silences that are too long and shortens them, in order to keep your audience engaged.

Context-based Editing

Cleanvoice finds and removes all pauses from your podcast, based on the context of the audio.

When the speaker is thinking, we make the pause short. If the speaker changes topic, we keep the pause longer.

This keeps your podcast enganging, but also keep the flow natural.

Multi-track Silence Remover

You have an audio for every speaker?

Our Deadair Remover AI can deal with that too. The AI takes every audio track into account and edits them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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