Stop wasting hours editing your podcast

Cleanvoice is an artificial intelligence which removes filler sounds, stuttering and mouth sounds from your podcast or audio recording


Removing uhhhhh filler sounds and mouth sss-sounds is click very umm time consuming


Removing filler sounds and mouth sounds is very time consuming.

Multilingual Filler Sound Remover

Cleanvoice detects and removes fillers sounds such as um's, ah's, etc. in multiple languages like German or French

The algorithm can also work with accents from other countries such as Australian ones or Irish.

Filler sounds

Mouth sounds & Stuttering removal

Clicking, lip-smacking and stuttering are common artifacts when recording audio.

Cleanvoice detect these and removes them for you.

Mouth sounds

Easy as 1-2-3

Cleanvoice is a really easy tool to use, just upload your file and we will do the rest.


Upload your audio file

.mp3 or .wav and maximum 1GB per file


AI does the cleaning

It will detect issues and clean the Audio


Download or Export

Download cleaned file or export to your editor

Features and Roadmap

Generally Available

Multilingual Fillers

Detect and remove sounds such as "ah", "uh" and "um" in a variety of language.

Generally Available

Mouth Sounds

Remove teeth and lip smacking sounds in your recording

Generally Available


Detect and fix things like "th-th-this", "bec-because".

Generally Available

Export Timestamps

Export the edit timestamps into your audio editor Ex. Audacity, Audition, Reaper

Public Beta

Multi-track Support

Upload multiple audio tracks and sync the audio editing

Public Beta

Dead Air Remover

Detect and shorten pauses (dead air) which are too long.

Frequently asked questions

What languages do you support?

What filetype and sizes do you support?

How long does it take the AI to edit the file?

What Editing tools can I export the edits?

Ready to reduce editing time?

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