Here Are the 5 Best LALAL.AI Alternatives We’ve Tried

In a world that’s saturated with content, “little” things like audio quality and editing can make a huge difference.

LALAL.AI has long been the go-to platform for audio processing, but there are loads of other options out there that can provide top-notch sound quality for your projects.

In this Cleanvoice guide, we’ve rounded up five alternatives to LALAL.AI that you should check out if you’re looking for a new option in the audio-processing space. We cover features, pricing, and more to help you make the right call.

Ready to explore our top LALAL.AI alternatives? Read on.

Why Listen to Us?

Simply put, we’ve helped 15,000+ podcasters, podcast editors, and audio engineers get the sound they want from their projects. We know what a great AI audio editing tool looks like, and we’re here to share our knowledge and experience.

There are a lot of AI tools out there—and not all of them are worth your time or money.

What is LALAL.AI?

LALAL.AI is an audio processing suite that offers two core products—Voice Cleaner and Stem Splitter.

Voice Cleaner is a tool that (you guessed it) cleans up voices in audio files so they sound better, while Stem Splitter is a tool that divides an audio file into individual “stems” (e.g., vocals, percussion, etc.). This lets you tweak sounds and adjust levels on specific elements of the track independently.

LALAL.AI is used by podcasters, musicians, video editors and more to produce high-quality tracks in no time. It’s also available on both desktop and mobile devices, making it easy to access from anywhere.

But LALAL.AI isn’t necessarily the best option for you…

Why Look for LALAL.AI Alternatives?

Lack of Features

LALAL.AI is fairly limited in terms of what it can do. Voice Cleaner and Stem Splitter are great tools, but they’re not the only audio enhancements that you might need.

Alternatives like Cleanvoice offer a much wider range of features—things like AI transcription, AI mixing, filler word removal, and more. This means you can minimize the number of tools in your editing workflow and maximize your productivity.

Pricing and Value

LALAL.AI is quite expensive for what you’re getting. The entry-level plan costs $18 and includes 90 minutes of audio processing ($12/hour). Higher tier plans bring that per hour rate down a bit, but alternatives like Cleanvoice offer much more affordable pricing.

For example, Cleanvoice’s entry-level plan costs €10 for 10 hours of audio processing (~$1.10/hour).

Audio Processing Quality

While LALAL.AI is known for its vocal and instrumental separation technology, some users have found the audio processing quality to be inconsistent.

In scenarios where high precision is required, like professional music production or audio editing for media, the slightest inaccuracies can be critical.

Criteria for Choosing a LALAL.AI Alternative


The core functionality of any AI audio editing tool is accurate sound recognition. Without that foundation, the tool is going to struggle with things like background noise reduction, vocal separation, and other important audio processing tasks.

Sound Quality

Post-separation sound quality is vital in determining the practicality of the separated audio. When a tool splits audio tracks, it should maintain the integrity and clarity of each track.

The end goal is to have tracks that sound as natural and undistorted as possible, preserving the original audio's nuances.


The compatibility of an audio separation tool with various operating systems, hardware, and other software is a key consideration.

It should seamlessly integrate into the user’s existing digital ecosystem, whether they're using Windows, macOS, or Linux, and should be compatible with various audio file formats and audio editing software.

5 Best LALAL.AI Alternatives

  1. Cleanvoice
  2. Adobe Podcast
  3. Audo Studio
  4. Krisp
  5. Clir Space

1. Cleanvoice

Cleanvoice is an AI audio editing tool designed specifically for podcasters and podcast editors.

Within Cleanvoice, you’ll find 11+ AI tools designed to help you quickly and easily clean up, separate, or enhance the audio of your podcast with just a few clicks. For cleaning up audio, Cleanvoice offers AI filler word removal, background noise reduction, dead air removal, and more.

To simplify post-production, we also support multi-track enhancement as well as timeline and marker exports to all major DAWs and audio editing tools.

Relevant Features

  • Background Noise Remover: Detects and removes distractions from audio recordings, enhancing clarity.
  • Mouth Sound Remover: Targets and eliminates distracting mouth noises like clicks, smacks, and pops.
  • Filler Words Remover: Identifies and removes common filler words like "umms" and "ahhs" in audio content.
  • AI Transcription & Repurposing: Enables teams to quickly turn audio into text and repurpose content for multiple platforms.
  • Stutter Remover: Cleanvoice detects and automatically edits stutters in your audio recordings to make them sound as natural as possible.
  • Silencer Remover: Identifies and removes remove long, awkward pauses and hesitations.
  • Integrations: Integrates with various audio editing software like Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Reaper, and Audacity.


Cleanvoice comes with a free trial that includes 30 minutes of free audio processing.

Additionally, we have two kinds of paid plans available—Pay-as-you-Go (PAYG) and Subscriptions.

PAYG plans let you to purchase credits on an “as needed” basis, while Subscriptions provide a monthly credit allowance based on hours of processed audio (with unused ones rolling over).

Prices never top €2/hour of processed audio.

2. Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast is a comprehensive AI-powered platform designed for podcasters and audio content creators. It includes features for noise reduction, echo removal, and AI-powered transcription and editing.

As an alternative to LALAL.AI, it focuses on elevating audio quality to a professional level, making it ideal for podcast production and voiceover work.

Relevant Features

  • Noise Reduction: Removes background noise and reverb for crisp, clean sound that your audience will appreciate.
  • Audio Enhancement: Automatically boosts audio quality for a professional sound.
  • Transcription: Quickly transcribes complicated dialogue with AI transcription algorithms.


Adobe Podcast provides a free plan with recording, editing, and exporting features, including 30 minutes of AI audio enhancement daily.

Upgrade to the Express Premium plan for advanced features like noise reduction, transcription, cloud storage, and support for multiple formats.

Paid plans range from $9.99 to $29.99 per month.

3. Audo Studio

Audo Studio is an audio editing tool that offers features like background noise removal and speech enhancement.

It provides a simple, one-click solution for audio improvement, targeting a wide range of users including podcasters and journalists.

Relevant Features

  • Advanced Noise Removal: Automatically detect and eliminate background noise from recordings.
  • Echo Reduction: Automatically reduce echo in your recordings to create a more professional sound.
  • Auto Volume: Automatically adjust volume levels so you don't have to manually adjust every recording.


Audo Studio provides three pricing options—Starter (free with 20 minutes of monthly audio enhancement), Creator ($12/month with 600 minutes), and Pay As You Go ($20 for 600 minutes).

All plans include noise removal, de-reverberation, and auto-volume.

4. Krisp

Krisp is an AI-powered noise cancellation app that focuses on improving the quality of voice communications in real-time. It's designed to remove background noise and enhance voice clarity during online meetings, calls, and recordings.

Relevant Features

  • Background Voice Cancellation: Specifically targets and eliminates background voices in real-time, ensuring the main speaker's voice stays clear and undistracted.
  • Noise Cancellation: Reduces general background noise to improve voice clarity and quality.
  • Echo Cancellation: Removes echoes and reverberation from recordings.


Krisp provides a free plan with basic noise cancellation and meeting transcription. Upgrade to Pro ($12/user/month) for advanced features like AI Meeting Assistant and two-way noise cancellation.

For enterprise needs, contact Krisp to discuss a customized plan.

5. clir Space

clir Space is a Mac-specific alternative to Krisp. It offers real-time noise-cancelling and sound processing with a focus on meetings and video calls.

The tool acts as a layer between your microphone and the audio stream, allowing you to adjust noise levels in real-time.

Relevant Features

  • High-Quality Audio with AI Noise Removal: Remove background noise in real-time with AI technology.
  • Echo Cancellation: clir Space can detect and cancel out echoes to give you crystal clear sound.
  • Conversation Playback: Automatically record and playback key moments from a call or meeting.


Clir Space is free for macOS users.


Although LALAL.AI is great at isolating vocals and improving audio quality, we’ve found a number of alternatives that cater to different audio processing requirements—each with their own unique strengths.

By evaluating your options, you can choose an alternative that best fits your needs and significantly enhances your audio quality.

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