We Tested 5 Best Free AI Tools for Background Noise Removal

When recording content, one constant frustration that podcasters face is the unwelcome intrusion of background noise. There’s nothing more disheartening than having a perfect take ruined by the ambient noise of the outside world or the clatter of household activities.

Background noise removal tools can help, but which do you choose?

At Cleanvoice, we’ve tested tons of background noise removal tools in the process of building our own. So, in this guide, we’ll take a look at the top free AI tools available.

Let’s check them out below!

What Is an AI Tool for Background Noise Removal?

An AI tool for background noise removal is a software application that uses AI algorithms to identify and eliminate unwanted sounds from audio or video recordings. These tools are designed to enhance the overall audio quality by isolating and removing background noise, like:

  • Traffic sounds
  • Wind
  • Echo
  • Static
  • Humming
  • Mumbling

These AI tools can identify these noise patterns (and more) and remove them from the recording without affecting the speech or music. For example, Cleanvoice lets you upload files and clean them of mouth sounds, background noise, stutters, and even dead air.

Why Should You Use AI Tool Background Noise Removal?

Enhanced Audio Quality

AI tools excel in discerning between primary audio elements and unwanted background noise, leading to a significant enhancement in overall audio quality. This improvement is especially vital for creators in diverse fields, including podcasting, music production, and video content creation. Check ourtools to isolate voice from background noise.

Saves Time & Effort

Traditional noise removal methods often involve manual and time-intensive adjustments. AI tools automate the identification and elimination of background noise, allowing users to allocate more time to content creation rather than getting bogged down by intricate editing tasks.

Versatility Across Environments

AI-powered noise removal tools are designed to adapt seamlessly to various recording environments. Whether you're in a bustling urban setting, a serene studio, or an outdoor location, these tools effectively handle a diverse range of ambient sounds, ensuring consistent audio quality across different scenarios.

User-Friendly Interface

Many AI tools for background noise removal feature intuitive interfaces, making them accessible even for users with limited audio editing experience. This user-friendly design empowers creators to enhance their audio content without a steep learning curve.

Accessibility with Free Options

AI technology becoming more accessible means that free noise removal tools are now available. Creators don't have to spend a lot to access advanced features, making high-quality audio editing tools accessible to individuals and small projects.

Criteria for Choosing a Free AI Noise Background Removal Tool

Accuracy of Noise Detection

Opt for tools with advanced algorithms that accurately identify and isolate background noise without compromising the quality of the primary audio. The precision of noise detection is important for maintaining a natural and unaltered sound.

Adaptability Across Environments

Look for AI tools that can effectively handle a variety of recording environments. The tool should be versatile enough to address different types of background noise, ensuring consistent performance whether you're recording in a quiet studio or a bustling urban setting.

Ease of Use

Choose tools with user-friendly interfaces, especially if you're not an experienced audio editor. An intuitive design streamlines the noise removal process, allowing you to focus on content creation rather than struggling with complex settings.

Processing Speed

Consider the processing speed of the AI tool, as this can impact your workflow. Faster processing times mean quicker results, which is particularly important for creators working on tight schedules or with large volumes of audio content.

Compatibility and Integration

Ensure that the chosen AI tool seamlessly integrates with your existing recording or editing setup. Compatibility with various audio file formats and editing software is essential for a smooth and efficient workflow.

5 Best Free Tools for AI Background Noise Removal

Here are the tools we’ll be covering below:

  1. Cleanvoice
  2. Audioalter
  3. Descript
  4. Krisp
  5. Audo Studio

1. Cleanvoice

Cleanvoice is a tool that uses AI to remove audio imperfections from podcast audio.

Our background noise removal feature lets you create podcasts with the crispest and cleanest sound. Your audience will have a professional and engaging experience. This tool goes the extra mile by efficiently eliminating any unwanted background noise from each track of your podcast.

The result is a polished final product your audience will thank you for.

Key Features

  • Background Noise Remover: Remove unwanted background noise from recordings and podcasts.
  • Filler Words & Stuttering: Eliminate clutter in your recordings by reducing stutter and filler words.
  • Mouth Sounds: Remove mouth sounds like clicks, pops, and humming from recordings.
  • Dead Air & Hesitation: Remove dead air, pauses, and hesitation to create a smooth listening experience.
  • AI Transcription & Repurposing: Leverage AI transcription to repurpose audio content into text and other formats.
  • Multilingual Support: Transcribe in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese.
  • Timeline Export: Export the edited timeline to their editors and let Cleanvoice AI do the heavy lifting of identifying areas that need editing.


Cleanvoice offers 30 minutes of noise removal for free, without requiring a credit card​.

2. Audioalter

Audioalter is an online audio toolkit that offers a wide selection of free audio editing tools.

One of these is Noise Reducer—a tool that reduces background and ambient noise in uploaded audio recordings. The tool uses AI algorithms to identify and reduce noise, and it works pretty well on files under 52 MB (about 10 minutes of audio).

Key Features

  • Noise Reducer: Effectively minimizes unwanted background noise from audio recordings, enhancing the clarity of the primary audio content.
  • 3D Audio: Introduces spatial depth and dimension to audio recordings, creating a more immersive and realistic auditory experience.
  • Vocal Remover: Isolates and reduces the prominence of vocals from audio tracks.


Audioalter is totally free to use.

3. Descript

Descript simplifies the process of writing, recording, transcribing, editing, collaborating, and sharing videos and podcasts.

Through advanced features like acoustic echo cancellation and audio quality enhancement, Descript enables users to enhance speech clarity and achieve professional sound with a single click. It provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for content creators seeking polished and high-quality audio productions.

Key Features

  • Studio Sound: Reduce background noise, enhance vocals, and produce more professional audio with one click.
  • AI Voices: Enhance and modify voices to experiment with voice modulation and customization, adding versatility to their creative projects.
  • Remote Recording: Facilitates seamless collaboration by enabling users to record audio remotely from different locations.
  • Transcription: Automatically converts spoken words into written text.


With Descript’s pricing plan, you can transcribe up to 1 hour of audio content per month, 1 hour of remote recording per month, one watermark-free video per month, and access to AI voices with a vocabulary limit of 1,000 words.

4. Krisp

Krisp enables you to effortlessly remove background voices and unnecessary chatter, keeping only your voice crystal clear during calls.

Acting as a “smart layer” between your device and online communication platforms, Krisp guarantees a noise-free experience with a simple click. You can use it for meetings or for recording virtual podcasts via Zoom, Teams, Skype… or any other meeting tool.

Key Features

  • Background Voice Cancellation: Detect and remove all nearby human voices except for the primary speaker, ensuring a more efficient and professional call experience.
  • Bidirectional Noise Cancellation: Eliminate background noise from the user's side but also from other call participants, enhancing overall call quality and focus​​.
  • Echo Cancellation: Remove echo problems caused by sensitive microphones or acoustic echoes in various environments.


Krisp offers 60 minutes of free background noise cancellation per day, along with paid plans for more advanced needs.

5. Audo Studio

Audo Studio is an audio enhancement platform that offers some great free features.

For background noise removal, the tool uses AI to reduce background noise and isolate speech with a high degree of accuracy. It also features a clean, modern UI that’s easy enough for anyone to figure out quickly.

Key Features

  • Advanced Noise Removal: Automatically removes background noise, enabling content creators to record in less-than-ideal conditions without worrying about noise interference​​.
  • Echo ReductionMinimize echoes in recordings, potentially reducing the need for acoustic treatment in recording spaces​​.
  • Auto-Volume Adjustment: Adjusts volume levels to ensure a pleasant and consistent sound throughout the recording​​.


Audo Studio offers a free plan that includes features like noise removal, dereverberation, and automatic volume adjustment. You get 20 minutes of free audio enhancement per month.


While many of these tools offer premium plans with additional features, the notable aspect is the availability of free pricing options that empower creators with high-quality audio editing capabilities without breaking the bank.

With its sophisticated AI, Cleanvoice not only efficiently removes unwanted background noise but also addresses filler words, stuttering, and mouth sounds, providing a comprehensive solution for a polished and professional audio experience.

Try Cleanvoice for free today!