Podcast Producer Job Description and Template

Running a successful podcast business starts with finding the best talent to manage your  entire production process. You should be clear on the roles, responsibilities, and skills a podcast producer must have. To attract the right candidate, you may want to draft a podcast producer job description.

Let Cleanvoice take you on a discovery journey to learn more about the job description of a podcast producer, the expected salary, and the skills they must have. Let’s get started!

What Does a Podcast Producer's Job Do?

A podcast producer is in charge of a podcast’s production from start to finish. Their job role is often quite comprehensive with responsibilities ranging from research to managing production and audio recordings, reporting analytics, and leading production teams.

Podcast producers also get involved in writing podcast scripts, providing support to hosts, managing recording equipment, and determining episode lengths and frequencies. They ensure everything is in place to produce clean, crisp recordings, such as using Cleanvoice,  a noise cancellation and podcast editing tool.

The software helps you produce polished podcasts to captivate your audience by removing unwanted background noise and editing your podcasts. Cleanvoice is also responsible for choosing podcasting software to enable you to create world-class audio recordings.

Podcast Producer's Job Roles and Responsibilities

Want to be a sought-after podcast producer? You’ll be pleased to know that the demand for podcasts is skyrocketing in the United States. According to the latest research in 2022, 62% of Americans aged 12 and over are madly in love with podcasts. In addition, 82 percent of podcast listeners spend over 7 hours on average per week listening to a podcast app.

Find out what the job entails.

  • Prepare and plan podcast interviews.
  • Understand social media marketing and content marketing essentials.
  • Manage recording, editing, and episode publication.
  • Create and maintain the podcast’s creative vision.
  • Offer a helping hand to the host and the podcast team during creation and production.
  • Examine content pitches from the podcast hosts.
  • Research influencers with real-life experiences and expertise and invite them to collaborate with you.
  • Analyze statistics and produce reports on podcast engagement and performance.
  • Monitor, assess, and provide recommendations to improve the podcast channel’s performance.
  • Meet podcast deadlines.
  • Promote podcast shows by developing marketing plans.
  • Promote collaboration and teamwork in all podcast departments, including partnering with communications teams.
  • Prepare and manage the podcast production budget.
  • Use different marketing channels including email marketing, social media, website, and more.

Podcast Producer's Job Requirements

So what qualifications do you need to be a top-class podcast producer? You may not need a college degree if you want to be a podcast producer for small-sized businesses. But you must be proficient with digital audio editing tools.

In addition, a podcast producer must have a strong background in audio production or engineering. And an undergraduate degree in marketing or a related field can come in handy if you want to zero in on marketing or research. Large companies may require a bachelor’s degree, experience, and reporting skills.

Podcast Producer’s Job Skills

Salary Benchmarks for Podcast Producers: Where Can I Find Salary Benchmarks?

What’s a podcast producer's salary? According to Glassdoor, you can expect to earn an estimated salary of $57,698 per year in the United States. The average salary is $53,256 per year plus an estimated additional payment of $4,442 per year. Also, you can get extra payments, including a commission, a cash bonus, tips, and profit sharing.

Job Listing Examples for Podcast Producers

Want to see what potential employers expect from job candidates? Cleanvoice has made this a breeze by curating several examples of job listings. See them below:

Hire Digital Podcast Producer

podcast producer roles and responsibilities

Radio Academy Podcast Producer

podcast producer roles and responsibilities

DearMedia Podcast Producer

podcast producer roles and responsibilities

SimplyHired Podcast Producer


Best Practices When Creating and Posting Your Job Description

To attract the best talent to produce great podcasts, you need an engaging and persuasive podcast producer's job description. That’s why Cleanvoice has compiled some best practices to save you time and help you ace your job listing. Let’s get to them!

Include a CTA

Why do people buy specific products or services? Purchasing occurs when you trigger a buyer’s emotion first and then use logic to complete the action. In the same way, applying for a job is the same as buying something. For example, including the CTA "apply now” leverages the applicant’s emotions.

As a result, you should research your target audience to discover more information about their dreams, professional goals, and aspirations. Incorporate these findings into your podcast producer's job description to harness the power of emotions.

Start with a company summary

Another great way to give potential job applicants more reasons to choose your organization is to start your job description with a company summary. Don’t just paste your “About Us” page; instead, explain the team the job candidate will join and how their duties will contribute to your business’s goals. Consider the following aspects:

  • Values and mission
  • An overview of the team
  • How the job contributes to the overall objectives

Optimize the job title with keywords

People use keywords when searching for jobs, so it’s crucial that you use them in your job description for a podcast producer. For example, the keywords below are related to the topic of this article:

  • Podcast producer salary
  • Podcast roles and responsibilities
  • Podcast host job description
  • Podcast producer duties
  • Role of a podcast producer
  • Podcast producers

Avoid being dramatic and overly creative by using terms that aren’t associated with your job posting. Speak the language of the job hunter to help prospective candidates find your job ad easily.

Include relevant information

Take enough time to consider the skills, experience, duties, and roles of the podcast producer your company wants. It can help you craft a brief but comprehensive document that can be a magnet for the ideal talent. A shoddy job listing can stretch the hiring process and give you a non-aligned team.

Ensure you include the following information to attract the best individuals:

  • Job Title - Outline the job title and where the role will be based
  • Company Information - Tell them about your company.
  • Role - Tell applicants what the role of podcast producer will involve
  • Benefits - Explain what benefits the applicant will have if they are successful in joining your company. For instance, if you provide employees with gym benefits or health insurance, make sure to mention that!
  • The Team - Provide an overview of the team they’ll work with.
  • Responsibilities - Spell out specific roles and duties.
  • Desired Skills - Explain the hard and soft skills you want to see in an ideal candidate.

Highlight the ‘must have’ job requirements early on

Early on, emphasize the non-negotiable academic qualifications, knowledge, and skills candidates must possess. For example, a podcast producer must have audio editing skills.

Promote employee career paths

It’s also helpful to show your potential employees a clear career path. What opportunities are available to them? Include the details in your podcast producer job description, such as senior producer or podcast manager.

Make sure the employment terms are clearly stated

To avoid any confusion or false expectations, make sure you explain the employment terms clearly. Be concise and specific. For instance, state whether the contract is part-time or full-time and include any perks.

Don’t use jargon or acronyms

Unfamiliar and vague language in your podcast host job description can make it hard for potential workers to understand the job ad. Don’t assume applicants understand industry jargon and acronyms. Instead, it’s better to use clear and easy-to-understand terms so that your applicants will understand exactly what the job role entails. You don’t want to run the risk of alienating good applicants with word-salad applications.

Podcast Producer Job Description Template

Attracting top talent for your podcast business could be as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest. With a podcast producer job description template, you can build a compelling and irresistible job listing. Below, we’ve provided a template that you can follow to get your next podcast producer. Have a look!

Podcast Producer

Company Description

[Describe your company, including your mission, history, vision, and general strategies. Show how the role of a podcast producer fits your vision.]

Job Description

[Use the above podcast producer duties and responsibilities to create a comprehensive job description for a podcast producer.]

Expectations in the first 90 days

[Spell out the person’s duties in the first 90 days.]

A day in the life of ……

[Describe the day-to-day activities of the job candidate.]

Qualifications and Skills

[Explain the essential qualifications and skills for your specific job post.]


[Outline the benefits you offer.]

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:

[Explain your policy regarding employment.]

Include a CTA.

For example, “Don't wait; tomorrow could be too late.”

Apply now!

Start Your Podcast Producer Career with CleanVoice

According to the studies in this guide, the demand for podcasts is ballooning. A podcast producer’s roles include producing and managing podcasts, recording, and editing, providing support to the host, collaborating with other teams, etc. They are in the thick of things, ensuring everything flows smoothly.

Podcast producers also manage equipment for audio recordings, including identifying the best noise-cancellation software. With that in mind, Cleanvoice is an artificial intelligence web-based app that removes filler words (e.g., uhs and ums) and mouth sounds (e.g., lip-smacking) from audio recordings.

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