8 Interesting Podcast Topics (in 2024) - To Engage More Listeners & Monetize

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In this article, we help new podcasters pick interesting topics by sharing a list to choose from and offering tips on how to choose the best one.

Why you can trust us:

On top of selecting the right topic, at Cleanvoice we've also helped numerous podcasters achieve superb audio quality by eliminating background noise, awkward silences, and mouth sounds, which further enhances listener engagement.

Why this is important:

Choosing the right topic can significantly impact listener engagement, monetization opportunities, and brand recognition, making your podcast a go-to source for valuable content.

Action Points:

Consider audience interests, uniqueness, format, and SEO when selecting podcast topics to ensure they resonate with and engage your audience.

Further Research:

Stay updated on trending podcast topics to create valuable content for your listeners.

Need Help Deciding Which Podcast Topics To Choose?

So, you've got the microphone, the recording software, and the excitement to start your very own podcast journey.

There's just one problem—you can't seem to pin down that perfect topic and kick things off.

You’re not alone, choosing podcast topics can be a stumbling block for many aspiring podcasters.

Cleanvoice understands the art of choosing engaging topics that draw listeners in, that said, we know you can’t overlook the technical side either. Exceptional sound quality is what makes your content professional and enjoyable, ensuring your message isn't just heard, but truly listened to.

In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of choosing podcast topics that will keep listeners coming back for more.

Plus, we’ll provide you with a list of great topics to get you started.

Why Listen to Us?

With so many different ways to approach a podcast, we know it can be challenging to get started. At Cleanvoice, we've helped over 15,000 podcasters get off on the right foot with clear audio free of unwanted noise.

Simply put—our first-hand podcasting experience makes us the perfect candidates to assist you in selecting engaging podcast topics to suit both you and your audience.

What Makes a Good Podcast Topic?

The ideal topic should engage, inspire, and invite your audience to return, eager for more.

To pinpoint a topic that will resonate with your listeners, consider the sweet spot where your knowledge and enthusiasm meet your audience's needs and wants.

It should be broad enough to explore in multiple episodes but focused enough to provide clear value in each one.

Why Do You Need to Choose the Right Podcast Topic?

Audience Engagement

When your content is engaging, it does more than just attract listeners; it inspires them to share their thoughts, ask questions, and interact with you and other listeners.

This active participation creates the right environment for your community to grow.

Monetization Opportunity

Having a podcast with a strong and dedicated audience from several podcast networks can open up money-making opportunities.

When your podcast covers a topic that draws in listeners, businesses are more likely to pay for exposure to your audience.

This can include direct sponsorships or advertisements. Furthermore, if your audience trusts your recommendations, you might also earn a lot of money from recommending several products.

Brand or Channel Recognition

When listeners think of a chosen topic, you want your podcast to be the first thing that comes to their minds.

This kind of recognition is powerful because it sets your podcast apart from others and makes it more recognizable to both current listeners and potential new subscribers.

Content Repurposing

Engaging podcast topics can make content repurposing a lot easier. You can adapt your podcast content for blogs, videos, social media posts, and other formats.

This not only saves you time and effort by maximizing the use of your content but also helps to spread your message across several channels, which increases your visibility and potentially attracts more listeners to your podcast.

Using our podcast transcription AI from Cleanvoice, you can generate accurate transcriptions from your podcast in just a few clicks.

You can turn these podcast transcripts into blog posts or articles, making it easier to share your podcast content in a different format across various channels. Plus, our audio transcription feature supports over 60 languages, enabling you to reach a wider and diverse audience.

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8 Good Podcast Topics To Consider

Personal Development

Everybody wants to level up, and content that helps them do so can be highly motivating. For this category, you can discuss strategies for self-improvement, goal setting, and productivity. Explore different methods for personal growth, like the Pomodoro Technique for time management or the SMART criteria for setting objectives.


Let’s take “The Tim Ferriss Show” as an example. Tim Ferriss is known for his book "The 4-Hour Workweek."

His podcast features interviews with high achievers from various fields, where they discuss routines and habits that listeners can apply to their own lives.

Health and Wellness

Now more than ever, people are drawn to advice on nutrition, exercise, and mental health. Share tips on creating a balanced lifestyle and reducing stress. You should also interview experts on the latest health trends.


The Model Health Show” hosted by Shawn Stevenson, explores all aspects of health, from sleep and nutrition to stress management.

It stands out for its holistic approach to health and the practical tips it provides, making it accessible for listeners who want to improve their overall well-being.

As new technologies like AI transform the world, there's an ever-growing curiosity about new innovations. By providing insights into the latest gadgets, software updates, and innovations in tech or breaking down complex ideas like blockchain, your podcast can become a go-to resource for keeping up with the digital age.


For instance, “Gadget Lab Podcast” hosted by WIRED, talks about the latest consumer electronics and gadgets.

They keep their listeners informed about new tech products and how these can make our lives easier.


This content is in demand as more people consider starting their own ventures. Stories of business success and advice on overcoming entrepreneurial challenges can guide and inspire new business owners. You may feature stories of successful entrepreneurs, and offer tips on overcoming common difficulties, such as securing funding or scaling a business.


How I Built This with Guy Raz” is an NPR podcast that features stories from entrepreneurs who have built well-known companies. It provides a closer look into their entrepreneurial journey, from initial ideas to realized businesses.

Pop Culture and Entertainment

Pop culture is a major part of many people's lives, and staying current with trends and entertainment news is both fun and socially engaging. Your podcast episodes could bring a unique perspective to the latest movies, TV shows, music, and books. Discuss trends and offer reviews that help your audience decide what to watch, listen to, or read next.


Consider “The Watch”, a podcast by The Ringer that dives into discussions about TV shows, movies, and music.

Hosted by Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald, it often includes interviews with actors, writers, and directors. They keep up with the latest trends and releases, ensuring that the content is relevant and timely for their audience.

True Crime and Unsolved Mysteries

The allure of unsolved mysteries and true crime stories offers a captivating mix of suspense and challenge, making it an ideal topic for a podcast.

For each episode, you can focus on a different case, ranging from cold cases to more recent mysteries that lack closure.

Narrate the events, perhaps reconstruct scenarios with the help of voice actors, and interview experts like detectives, psychologists, and journalists.


Listen to “Serial”, a groundbreaking series that captivated audiences with its in-depth look at a single story for an entire season. Its first season, investigating the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and the conviction of Adnan Syed, set the standard for narrative-driven true crime podcasts.

Global News and Politics

A podcast on global news and politics meets the growing demand for insightful, in-depth analysis that helps listeners understand the complexities of international affairs.

By featuring discussions with political analysts, journalists, and even policymakers, your show should aim to offer diverse perspectives on complex issues such as elections, international relations, foreign disputes, and policy changes.


The most well-known example of this is “The Daily”.

Produced by The New York Times and hosted by Michael Barbaro, "The Daily" features interviews with journalists and experts who provide insights and behind-the-scenes looks at major news stories and political events.

History’s Untold Stories

Exploring the lesser-known chapters of history, you could uncover events and figures that don't make the typical history textbooks. Each episode could bring to life stories of unsung heroes, forgotten battles, or cultural phenomena that shaped societies in subtle but powerful ways.


Dan Carlin's "Hardcore History" is renowned for its deep dives into historical events that are often overlooked or given only a cursory look in traditional history classes.

Carlin's exhaustive research and passionate delivery turn complex history into compelling tales, making listeners see the relevance and intrigue of historical events and their profound effects on modern life.

Wrapping Up

To be effective, your podcast must spark a discussion. The key is to choose subjects that you are passionate about and that resonate with your listeners, ensuring that each episode is both meaningful and enjoyable for your audience.

If you're ready to begin your own podcast, consider using Cleanvoice to help produce high-quality audio content. With our AI audio enhancement tools, you can present your chosen podcast topics with exceptional sound quality by removing unwanted background noise, mouth stutters, awkward silences, and more.

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