6 Best AI Podcast Transcription Software (2024)

Tools with AI-powered transcription capabilities have changed the game by providing an automated way to turn spoken audio into text.

Want to find the right AI podcast transcription software for your specific needs? Whether you’re a novice or a professional podcaster, at Cleanvoice, we’ve compiled a list of AI podcast transcription software that can help you save time and money through accurate and automated transcription.

What is an AI Podcast Transcription Software?

AI-powered transcription software is quick and effective in speech-to-text transcription, which saves both time and money. They can be used to produce transcripts for podcasts, blogs, social media posts, and more!

Usually, you can simply upload audio files to a platform, and then the tool will do the rest for you. That being said, you need to include good audio quality to ensure that your transcriptions are accurate.

Why is AI Podcast Transcription Software Important?

Accuracy and Speed

Unlike manual transcription services, AI-driven transcription tools provide a faster and more cost-effective option. These programs can handle audio files with incredible speed and accuracy, producing accurate transcriptions in record time.

Provides accessibility (and prevents lawsuits)

Approximately 10 million hard-of-hearing persons, or one in twenty Americans, and one million deaf people in the US, may rely on transcripts to enjoy your material.

A lot of people also prefer reading to listening because they learn differently. Therefore, having your podcast transcribed is crucial for inclusivity and accessibility.

Additionally, since some podcast hosting platforms have been sued for not providing transcripts, having them ensures you avoid any legal issues.

Transcripts are a proactive way to ensure compliance and improve the listening experience for everyone.

Easy to use and inexpensive

AI podcast transcription software provides a cost-effective way to transcribe your podcasts. By providing you with accurate transcripts in just a few clicks, it saves you a lot of time and effort.

Additionally, most transcription software are easy to use and have plug-and-play capabilities, removing the need to learn difficult new software.

Things To Consider When Choosing AI Podcast Transcription Software


Accuracy is important when choosing a software program for AI speech-to-text conversion. Look for software that can deliver accurate and reliable transcriptions, regardless of accents, speaker counts, or language.

  • Cleanvoice uses advanced deep learning algorithms that effectively eliminate background noise and improve speech clarity. This means you can create the most accurate transcriptions possible.

  • Beey supports 20 languages, including German, Czech, and English, with 90% accuracy. When translating to different languages, the Beey Translate function keeps timestamps while the Beey Editor makes it simple to repair errors.


Accents can be difficult for both automated transcription software and human transcriptionists. The cost of transcription might be higher when dealing with languages other than English, and this might also be the case with heavy accents.

To achieve accurate and reasonable results for your podcast or audio content, it's important to take into account these elements when looking for transcription services.

  • Simon Says is an AI tool that performs a variety of beneficial tasks for your audio and video recordings. It is possible to accurately transcribe your work, add subtitles and captions, and even have it translated into more than 100 different languages.

  • Riverside makes transcription of audio and video content simple. You can get precise transcriptions in more than 100 different languages with just a few clicks. Anyone working with multilingual information will find it to be a helpful and effective option.

Formats supported

Since every transcribing task has its own requirements, picking the right transcription tool is important. Choose a tool that allows for customization to meet your unique requirements.

With adaptable options, you may quickly change the input and output formats to match your desired transcription style, greatly increasing the efficiency and personalizing the process.

  • You can easily download your transcripts in five various forms with Sonix, including DOCX, TXT, PDF, SRT, and VTT.

  • Whether they be audio or video files, your previous recordings can be readily imported into Otter. It can play a broad variety of audio and video file types, including mp3, aac, wav, m4a, and wma for audio and mp4, avi, mov, and mpg for video.

Integration with other tools

Consider how the automatic transcribing tool interacts with the other products in your workflow.

Integration with well-known productivity and collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, project management tools, or video conferencing platforms, can significantly enhance your transcription process.

  • Cleanvoice provides seamless editor integration, making it simple for you to use the editing program of your choice. Additionally, you have the option to export timelines, which gives you more flexibility over the editing procedure.

You are now able to produce clean and unique transcripts for your podcast or audio recordings thanks to this integration and exporting functionality.

  • Trint offers excellent security and access controls and seamlessly connects with your enterprise platforms. You may confidently streamline your transcription process by connecting well-known applications like Zoom, Zapier, and Dovetail.

Best AI Podcast Transcription Software

  • Cleanvoice - Best overall AI transcription software
  • Beey - Best for transcribing interviews and recorded statements
  • Otter.ai - Best for transcribing lessons, discussions, and lectures
  • Trint - Best for content creators on video platforms
  • Riverside - Best transcription for global audiences
  • Simonsays - Best for video editors and filmmakers

#1 CleanVoice

Cleanvoice is an AI-based software tool designed to help you efficiently transcribe your audio recordings and repurpose your podcast content.

By converting your podcasts into transcripts using Cleanvoice, you can create multiple engaging blog posts and articles your audience can enjoy. Simply upload your audio file and let Cleanvoice do the work for you.

It also offers additional features such as silence remover and background noise remover which can significantly improve your podcast audio quality.

With Cleanvoice, you won’t have the trouble of listening to hazy recordings and waste time listening to dead air and fillers. Enhance your audio and make transcribing easier using Cleanvoice.

Relevant Features

  • Speech To Text in Multiple Languages:

Accurately translates and transcribes any podcasts and audio recordings into clear transcripts. The software supports over 60 languages, including Latin languages (Spanish, French, etc.) and Slavic languages (Polish, Russian, etc.)

  • Transcript Repurposing:

Allows you to easily repurpose a podcast transcript into engaging content. Create compelling blog posts and social media content using high-quality transcripts.


Cleanvoice offers two options: a Pay as you Go option that starts at 10€ for 5 hours and a Subscription plan with monthly allowances ranging from 10 to 100 hours of processed audio (10€ to 80€). Credits have a two-year maximum validity period and roll over when not used.

And don't worry, you can test Cleanvoice's features with a free trial before deciding on a membership plan. Select the plan that best suits your requirements to begin easily editing and transcribing your podcasts.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent transcription capabilities
  • AI audio cleanup can result in more accurate transcriptions
  • Cost-effective
  • Export to multiple formats


  • Requires a constant online connection
  • Though it works great with multiple languages, you still need to check the accuracy for languages other than English

2. Beey

With support for 20 languages, Beey quickly translates audio or video recordings into text. You may export transcriptions in many different forms, including automated translations or subtitles, and its user-friendly editor makes text processing simple.

Key Features

  • Support 20 languages
  • Automatic formatting
  • Export to various formats


For one hour of transcription, Beey charges €7.5 (+ VAT), which works out to just €0.125 (+ VAT) per minute of your audio recording. For easy access to their transcribing services, you may quickly purchase credit packages within the application using a credit card.

Pros and cons


  • Support 16 languages
  • Transcript collaboration and sharing across team members
  • Video transcription using just the URLs


  • Custom integrations may be costly

3. Otter.ai

Otter.ai turns spoken words and audio recordings into text for meeting summaries and notes.

This tool also allows users to collaborate with other people in creating a live transcript by enabling comments, assigning action points, and highlighting key items. With internet access, mobile apps, and browser extensions, it provides convenience and easy accessibility.

Key Features

  • Meeting notes and summaries
  • Online and mobile access
  • Chrome extension


Otter.ai offers three plans: Basic Plan, Pro Plan, and Business Plan. Basic Plan is free and includes 300 monthly transcription minutes. Pro Plan is $16.99 per month for 1,200 minutes. On-demand Enterprise Plan is available.

Pros and cons


  • Supports transcription of both live and recorded meetings
  • Accessible through mobile and web browsers
  • Provides team collaboration and transcription editing features


  • Otter only works with English (UK and USA) right now
  • It costs a little bit more than alternative transcription apps

4. Trint

Trint is a cloud-based software that automatically transcribes audio and video files using AI and machine learning.

It can extract interactive, searchable, and editable transcripts from a variety of file types using its natural language processing skills.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based platform for convenient access and sharing
  • Support a wide range of file format


Trint has three different subscription tiers: the Starter Plan, which costs $60/month ($48/month billed yearly) and includes 7 transcriptions, the Advanced Plan, which costs $75/month ($60/month billed annually) and includes limitless transcriptions, and the Enterprise Plan, which has a unique price for larger businesses and unlimited users.

Pros and cons


  • Slick and effective mobile application
  • Can include closed captioning in both audio and video files
  • Responsive real-time live transcription


  • Need more sharing capabilities on the app interface
  • Low- or mid-tier plans don't have some necessary features

5. Riverside

Riverside can swiftly translate video and audio into more than 100 languages. The transcribing time is dependent on the size of the file and is supported by its user-friendly interface.

With the help of modern AI technology, the tool guarantees extremely accurate results.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple language support
  • Interactive and editable transcripts


There are three pricing tiers available in Riverside.fm: Free, Standard, and Pro.

You get two hours of individual audio and video tracks with the Free plan. The Standard plan costs $15 and includes 5 hours, while the Pro plan is $24 and includes 15 hours if you require more.

Better audio quality and additional features are included with each level. Custom pricing and features are offered to corporations and agencies.

Pros and cons


  • User-friendly
  • All video files are automatically stored in one place
  • Synchronized editing is done with backup audio files


  • Need reliable internet to use properly
  • Mobile app only works with IOS devices

6. Simonsays

Simon Says AI can translate, subtitle, and caption audio and video in more than 100 languages. It functions as a standalone macOS tool, a Final Cut Pro X extension, and delivers frame-accurate transcription in addition to a user-friendly editor.

There are options for simple collaboration and export to several formats.

Key Features

  • Multi-language support
  • Visual subtitle and transcript editor
  • Collaboration option for teams and clients


Pros and cons


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with other software such as FCPX, Adobe, and Avid
  • Supports 100+ languages


  • File uploads take a long time
  • Occasional errors on heavy accents
  • Lack of Windows and Linux apps

Final thoughts

Software for AI-powered podcast transcription has changed the game for both listeners and content producers. These solutions provide simplicity, accessibility, and enhanced audience engagement since they can properly and quickly translate spoken audio into text.

Cleanvoice stands out among the many possibilities as a top-tier AI product that offers excellent results and user-friendly features.

Are you prepared to advance in your podcasting career? To experience the power of AI transcription for yourself, try Cleanvoice today!