Our Guide on How to Create an Effective Podcast Summary (+ Tools to Use)

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  • Overview:

We introduce you to podcast summaries and why they are important. Then, we guide you on how to create effective podcast summaries using Cleanvoice.

  • Why Listen to Us:

Over 15,000 podcasters use our tools to enhance their podcast quality and create compelling summaries that attract listeners. In other words, we have all the insights you need if you need a hand to create impactful summaries.

  • Why It Matters:

Effective podcast summaries are crucial for capturing new listeners, improving search rankings, and promoting on social media, ensuring broader reach and higher engagement rates.

  • Action Points:

Record in a noise-free environment, use Cleanvoice to generate a summary, review and refine the content, and include a strong call to action before publishing.

  • Further Research:

You can check out our blogs to find all the insights you need to create a rock-solid podcast from scratch.

Need to Create a Podcast Summary?

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. But do you want to know how people judge a new podcast?

By its podcast summary.

And it totally makes sense, right? After all, no one wants to invest half an hour of their precious time listening to a podcast, only to realize it’s way off the mark from what they were expecting. So, to dodge that bullet, listeners check your podcast summary to get an idea of what the episode is all about. And if it's intriguing enough, they eventually hit play and give your podcast a listen.

So, how can you create a stellar podcast summary? Glad you asked—that’s what today’s guide will be all about. In this Cleanvoice guide, we’ll introduce you to podcast summaries, and how to nail them down.

Why Listen To Us?

Podcasting is second nature to us at Cleanvoice. Over 15,000 podcast and audio professionals have used our tool to refine their shows, from audio enhancement to dead air and noise removal, and, of course, podcast summaries.

In short, when it comes to creating an impactful podcast summary, we definitely know a thing or two.

That said, let’s move things forward…

What is a Podcast Summary?

A podcast summary, also called a podcast description, is a concise blurb, typically one to two paragraphs long, that introduces your podcast episode to potential listeners. In other words, it gives listeners a clear understanding of what that particular episode is about and why they should tune in.

A good podcast summary typically exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Topic: Briefly outlines the main subject matter covered in the episode. This lets listeners know if the content aligns with their interests.
  • Key Points: Highlights the most interesting or valuable aspects of the episode. This could be insights shared, discussions held, interviews conducted, or specific takeaways listeners can expect.
  • Spoiler-free: Avoids revealing major plot points or surprises from the podcast, especially for narrative or fiction podcasts.
  • Guests (optional): If the episode features a guest speaker or interviewee, your summary could also mention their name and expertise.
  • Keywords: Includes short phrases that reflect the core topic of your show. This helps listeners searching for related topics discover your podcast.

Here’s an example of an effective podcast summary on Spotify:

Source: Spotify

Why is a Podcast Summary Important?

Earlier, we made a bold claim that a podcast summary is the most important consideration for new listeners. Here’s a study to support that.

You can see that according to the research above, many users consider a podcast's description the most important element when choosing a show. They even prioritize it above things like guest appearances or reviews from other listeners. So, if you’re serious about attracting new listeners to your pod, you need a rock-solid summary to begin with.

Moving on, here are two other reasons why you should care about podcast summaries:

Podcast SEO

Search engines and podcast directories use your podcast summary to understand the content of your episode. And by including relevant keywords throughout your summary, you can improve your podcast's search ranking. This means potential listeners searching for topics related to your episode are more likely to discover your show.

Helps With Social Media Promotion

A well-written summary can be a great tool to attract new listeners from social media. How? You can share snippets of your summary on platforms like Twitter or Facebook to pique listeners' interest and encourage them to check out the podcast.

Here’s the good part:

You don't have to spend hours coming up with a summary for your podcast. With an AI podcast summarizer like Cleanvoice, you can get it done in just five minutes—even for those lengthy episodes. And we do it with finesse, ensuring near-perfect accuracy every time.

This links nicely to our next section…

How to Create A Fantastic Podcast Summary with Cleanvoice

1. Record Clear Audio

Background noise, microphone distortion, or unclear audio can make it difficult for AI to understand your podcast content. And if it can’t, you won’t be getting the most accurate podcast summary. That’s why we often advise that you record your podcast:

  • In a quiet environment
  • With good enunciation
  • Using reliable microphones, stands, and headphones

You can also use Cleanvoice to brush up on your audio quality before trying to generate a summary.

2. Upload to Cleanvoice

Once you’re sure that your podcast is ready to go, navigate to our Podcast Summary & Shownotes tool to upload it. We offer various upload options to suit your needs.

You can upload a podcast video or audio directly from your device, or choose our "audio" option to record a podcast right then and there. Other options include adding a link to the podcast or using a screencast.

After your upload is complete, select “clean and summarize.”

Now, all you have to do is wait and let our AI work its magic.

Here’s an example of what you’ll get after a few minutes:

Apart from a simple summary, you can also access a full transcription and social media captions for the podcast:

3. Review and Edit

You may then proceed to review the summary carefully, ensuring it accurately reflects the key points and highlights of your episode. Feel free to edit the text to refine phrasing, remove unnecessary filler words, or tighten the overall length.

Remember that while a podcast summarizer is great for condensing content, it will most likely not include any calls to action (CTAs) in the summary. And you know a compelling CTA is essential for driving action from your audience. So, go ahead and include that yourself too. This could involve encouraging listeners to subscribe, tune in to the episode, or visit your website for additional content.

4. Publish

Once the summary is polished to your standards, publish it on your podcast platform.

Podcast Summary Best Practices

Before hitting publish, make sure your podcast summary meets the following criteria:

-Clarity: Ensure that the summary is clear and easily understood within seconds. Potential listeners should immediately grasp what they can expect from your podcast. Skip the fluff and focus on the main points right away. -Conciseness and Engagement: Keep it short and captivating. Instead of lengthy paragraphs, get straight to the point while delivering the information in an engaging style that hooks the reader. -Accuracy: Ensure the summary accurately reflects the information presented in the episode. Avoid sensationalizing or misrepresenting the content. Strive to be truthful and objective in your portrayal of the key points. -SEO Optimization: Even the best summary needs visibility. Use relevant keywords strategically to boost your podcast's discoverability, ensuring it reaches the right audience and attracts clicks.

Top Tools For Creating a Podcast Summary

  1. Cleanvoice
  2. NoteGPT
  3. Chopcast
  4. Podsqueeze

1. Cleanvoice

Now, allow us to formally introduce ourselves.

Cleanvoice is an AI podcast editing platform designed to streamline every aspect of your podcast production. Basically, our tool helps automate various strenuous tasks, such as audio imperfection removal, and, of course, podcast summary.

With our podcast summarizer, as you can see, you can literally create podcast summaries within five minutes—even for those lengthy, hour-long episodes. And you’ll be getting a summary that’s ready to use with minimal editing required.

But the thing is, we don’t just stop at simple podcast summaries. You can also use our AI to transform your summaries into engaging social media content. You can then share this across your social channels to tease your podcast and gain even more traction.

And here's the cherry on top: We automatically analyze your episode to identify the keywords people are searching for the most. Then, we integrate those keywords directly into your summary. As a result, your podcast episode will have a better chance of showing up when potential listeners search for these keywords. It’s automatically SEO-optimized.

By the way, if your audio podcast is less than 30 minutes or your video podcast is less than 10 minutes, you can summarize it for free—without even creating an account with us. Talk about generosity, right?

But if you ever find yourself needing more processing time, we offer flexible and budget-friendly plans. For just 10€, you'll have access to up to 10 hours of audio processing per month, including podcast summaries. And for 25€, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of audio processing per month.

2. NoteGPT

NoteGPT also has a no-frill podcast summarizer that you can use without signing up for an account. And the summary quality isn’t bad either.

With NoteGPT, all you need to do is provide the link to your podcast. It then analyzes the audio from the link and generates a summary based on that. However, there are some limitations to keep in mind.

One notable limitation is that NoteGPT doesn't allow you to directly upload your podcast—it only works with links to already published podcasts, which may restrict your choices.

Furthermore, unlike Cleanvoice, NoteGPT doesn't provide summarized captions for your social channels or other platforms. It also doesn't offer features for creating transcripts and show notes.

3. Chopcast

Chopcast offers an AI podcast summarizer that does what it says on the tin—it extracts crucial points of your podcast and then comes up with a compelling summary.

Besides its AI summarizer, Chopcast provides access to human editors who can help you create summaries and optimize other aspects of your podcast production.

However, unlike the tools we've discussed earlier, you'll need to create an account before accessing Chopcast's summarizer. Plus, its mobile experience isn't the smoothest.

The good news is that you can edit your first 60-minute podcast for free, including summaries. But if your content exceeds this duration, you'll need the paid version, starting at $12 per month (which allows editing up to 90 minutes).

4. Podsqueeze

Last but not least—Podsqueeze

Podsqueeze is yet another podcast editing tool that recognizes how intensive manual podcast creation can be. As a result, it has a handy podcast summarizer that gets the job done. You can also use it to repurpose your summaries into social posts and show notes directly.

Like Cleanvoice and NoteGPT, Podsqueeze's summarizer is user-friendly. Just upload your podcast, and it takes care of most of the work. However, we've noticed that Podsqueeze's summaries may require more manual adjustments compared to other tools. Nonetheless, it remains a solid choice

Keep in mind, though, that Podsqueeze is the priciest option we've covered so far. The starter plan starts at $39 per month, allowing you to edit (and generate summaries for) up to 5 hours of podcast episodes.

Start Producing Clear Podcast Summaries with Cleanvoice

A compelling podcast summary captures your audience's attention and drives clicks. The more captivating your summary is, the greater the chances of sparking interest and gaining listeners.

Writing the perfect podcast summary manually requires significant time and effort. However, with Cleanvoice, you can generate clear and concise summaries in seconds. One click is all it takes to save time, increase productivity, improve visibility, and draw more listeners.

Ready to experience the efficiency of the Cleanvoice Podcast Summarizer and convert more casual visitors into loyal listeners? Try the Cleanvoice Podcast Summarizer today.