We Discovered the 5 Best Voice Background Remover Tools to Consider in 2024

Helpful Summary

  • Overview: In this Cleanvoice article, we evaluated the best voice background remover tools, focusing on their capabilities to enhance audio clarity for content creation.

  • Why you can trust us: More than 15,000 professionals have experienced the benefits of our AI audio editing tools, highlighting our expertise and demonstrated success in audio enhancement.

  • Why this is important: These tools are vital for achieving clear audio, essential for podcasts, music production, and accurate transcriptions, ensuring quality and professionalism.

  • Action Points: Choose a voice background remover that suits your workflow, offers quality noise reduction, and fits your budget.

  • Further Research: Explore our top picks: Cleanvoice, Lalal.ai, Audo Studio, Podcastle, and Descript to find the best fit.

Need Help Finding the Best Voice Background Remover Tool?

Picture this: You've just recorded the perfect take for your podcast or voiceover, but as you listen back, you're met with the distracting murmur of voices in the background. Frustrating, isn't it? This is a common problem that many of us face when creating audio content, and it's exactly what Cleanvoice aims to solve.

At Cleanvoice, we specialize in giving your recordings the clarity they deserve. Our AI-powered audio editing tools are designed to filter out those pesky distractions, leaving you with crisp, clean audio that captures your audience's attention.

And, in this article, we'll go over the top video background remover tools in the market to help you make the best decision for your audio needs.

Why Listen To Us?

Simply put, over 15,000 podcasters, editors, and audio pros have improved their recordings with our AI-powered tools. At Cleanvoice, we know the importance of having crucial clear, noise-free recordings and we have tested many AI transcription tools to develop our solution.

The bottom line—we're well experienced in recommending the best voice background remover tools available in the market.

What is a Voice Background Remover?

A voice background remover is specialized software that filters audio recordings. It identifies the sounds you want to keep and removes everything else that's not needed, including unwanted background voices.

This software is incredibly useful for people who create content where the primary voice needs to be the main focus.

To achieve this, voice background removers analyze the audio to recognize the patterns of speech and then differentiate these patterns from background noises such as the rumble of traffic, the buzz of an appliance, or the chatter of a crowd.

Once identified, these unwanted sounds are reduced or entirely removed, leaving behind the clear voice recording you need.

Why Do You Need a Voice Background Remover?

Enhanced Audio Quality

The clarity of your audio can make or break the listener's experience. With a voice background remover, you can ensure that your recordings and video podcasts are free of distracting noises, which can be especially critical for educational content or detailed storytelling.

This tool fine-tunes your audio, so the focus stays on your message, helping you maintain a professional standard.

Time and Cost Efficiency

The traditional route of audio cleaning is a meticulous process that can eat up hours of valuable time. Time is a resource as precious as any other for independent creators or podcasters. Voice background removers handle this automatically, translating to more time spent on creative or productive efforts.

Additionally, you can bypass the financial burden of professional audio editing services, making it a cost-effective solution for those on a tight budget.

Versatility and Accessibility

The digital age has democratized content creation, and with it, the need for accessible audio-enhancement tools has risen.

Voice background removers are versatile enough to be used across various types of content, from podcasts and video blogs to music recordings and online tutorials. They're designed to be accessible to users with varying levels of technical skill, ensuring that anyone with a message to share can do so with the highest audio quality.

What to Look for When Choosing a Voice Background Remover?

Ease of Use

For many podcast editors, a straightforward and user-friendly interface is key. It should allow you to remove noise in just a few clicks, without having to navigate through complex menus or technical settings. The less time you spend learning the software, the more time you have for creating content.

Quality of Noise Reduction

The core purpose of a voice background remover is to isolate and enhance the voice while minimizing unwanted sounds.

The best tools do this without altering the tone or natural nuances of the original recording. Look for software that maintains the integrity of the voice, ensuring that the end result is as close to the original as possible, just clearer and free of noise.

Compatibility and Integration

It's essential that the voice background remover you choose can work with the audio formats you use and can easily fit into your existing workflow. Additionally, if you're using other tools for your work, such as video editing or podcast hosting platforms, the software should easily integrate without causing disruptions.

Price and Licensing Options

Consider the software's cost and licensing model. Some voice background removers might be available for a one-time purchase, whereas others might operate on a subscription basis.

Evaluate which pricing model aligns with your budget and how frequently you'll use the tool. Also, consider if the software offers different pricing tiers based on the features you need.

5 Best Voice Background Remover Tools in 2024

  1. Cleanvoice
  2. Lalal.ai
  3. Audo Studio
  4. Podcastle
  5. Descript

1. Cleanvoice

Cleanvoice stands out as a dedicated audio enhancement platform focusing on the removal of audio imperfections from audio recordings, particularly beneficial for podcasters and audio content creators.

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, we offer features like automatic noise removal, echo reduction, and multi-track editing capabilities, which are specifically designed to improve audio quality​​​​​​.

Our user-friendly platform simplifies the audio cleaning process, enabling you to efficiently produce clear, professional-quality sound without the need for extensive technical know-how or additional software.

Key Features

  • Automatic Audio Enhancement: Removes background noise and reverb from audio recordings.
  • Multi-Track Noise Remover: Synchronizes tracks during the background voice removal process, maintaining the quality of multi-track recordings.
  • Multilingual Filler Words Removal: Detects and eliminates filler words such as um's, ah's, etc. across various languages and accents.
  • Mouth Sound and Stutter Remover: Identifies and eliminates mouth sounds, including lip smacks, saliva crackles, and mouth clicks, as well as stutters to ensure cleaner audio.
  • Timeline Export: Automatically determines which section of your exported audio timeline needs to be edited for background voice.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with various audio editing software like Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Audacity, Davinci Resolve, and Reaper.


Cleanvoice offers two plans: Subscription and Pay-as-You-Go.

The Subscription plan starts at €10 for 10 hours per month, going up to €80 for 100 hours, with credits valid for two years and rolling over. The Pay-as-You-Go plan starts at €10 for 5 hours, with additional options for 10 (€18) and 30 (€40) hours. Plus, we also offer 30 minutes of free audio processing.

2. Lalal.ai

Lalal.ai excels as a voice and music separation service, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to isolate vocals and instruments from any audio track.

This platform is notably efficient in reducing background noises and other extraneous sounds, offering users the flexibility to enhance the quality of their audio content significantly.

Key Features

  • Voice Cleaner: Removes background music, vocal plosives, mic rumble, and other unwanted noises from audio tracks.
  • Large Upload Size: Allows files up to 2GB, accommodating extensive audio and video files without the need for conversion.
  • Support for Multiple Media Formats: Compatible with a wide range of audio and video formats, including MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, and AAC.


Lalal.ai offers three one-time fee plans: Lite for $18, Pro for $35, and Plus for $25, each providing 90 to 500 minutes of audio editing and a 2 GB file upload limit.

3. Audo Studio

Audo Studio introduces a quick approach to audio cleaning, focusing on one-click solutions to enhance speech quality in recordings. Its features enable users to clean audio in seconds (not hours), which significantly reduces editing time and improves audio quality.

Key Features

  • Advanced Noise Removal: Utilizes AI to automatically remove unwanted background noise, aiming for clear and focused audio output.
  • Echo Reduction: Reduces echoes in recordings, which reduces the need for acoustic treatment in recording spaces​​.
  • Auto Volume: Automatically adjusts volume levels to ensure consistent audio quality across recordings.


Audo Studio has a free plan offering noise removal, echo reduction, and automatic volume control, with 20 minutes of audio enhancement each month. Paid plans (Creator & Pay-As-You-Go) range from $12/mo to $20/mo.

4. Podcastle

Podcastle is an AI-powered platform that features a suite of voice background removal tools, including AI noise removal, Magic Dust for all-in-one audio enhancement, AI silence removal to cut out awkward pauses, filler word detection to clean up speech, and accurate transcription services to aid in editing and content creation​​​​​​.

Key Features

  • AI Noise Removal: Offers advanced AI tools for removing background noise, providing users with cleaner, studio-quality sound​​.
  • Magic Dust: An all-in-one audio enhancement feature that optimizes audio levels, applies equalization, and improves dynamic range, alongside noise removal​​.
  • Filler Word Detection & Removal: Automatically identifies and removes filler words, cleaning up speech in podcasts​​.


Podcastle offers a free basic plan and three paid plans: Storyteller ($11.99/month), Pro ($23.99/month), and custom-priced Teams plans.

5. Descript

Descript is a comprehensive editing platform that incorporates advanced AI technology to offer comprehensive solutions for audio and video editing, including robust voice background removal capabilities.

The platform caters to a wide range of users, from podcasters to video creators, looking for an all-in-one platform that simplifies the post-production process.

Key Features

  • Studio Sound: Utilizes advanced AI to remove background noise and enhance your voice to sound as if recorded in a professional studio setting​​.
  • Filler Word Removal: Automatically detects and eliminates common filler words such as uh’s, eer’s, and um’s.
  • Overdub: Allows for the creation and editing of audio filled with uneditable background voice by typing, enabling corrections or additions without needing to rerecord segments​​.


Descript provides pricing plans (Creator, Pro, Enterprise) allowing up to 30 hours of audio transcription and remote recording monthly, unlimited watermark-free video, and access to AI voices with a 1,000-word vocabulary limit. Additionally, there's a free plan with fewer transcription hours.


Clear audio is essential for successful audio content creation. Voice background removers play a crucial role in achieving this by stripping away unwanted noise and improving the overall sound of recordings. They are important for anyone looking to produce high-quality audio, be it for podcasts, music, interviews, or any other form of media.

The benefits of using these tools range from enhanced audio quality and time savings to increased accessibility and professional consistency.

Cleanvoice provides a straightforward solution for your audio cleaning needs. It's an excellent starting point for those looking to improve their audio quality that can fit into various workflows, without getting bogged down in technical complexities.

If you're looking to refine your audio content with minimal fuss, try Cleanvoice for free today.